That’s gotta be Kane! Part one of my epic 2 part haul from Super Power Toys aka Wrestle HQ at the weekend, stay tuned as tomorrow I will be dropping an exclusive discount code to use on their site.

Onto the figure, what Kane I say… without question the best #kane figure to date, taken from his iconic debut at Bad Blood 1997. In my mind possibly top 3 of wwe mattel Ultimate Editions made so far? Complete with the voice recorder, a cape that was worn at some house shows and also the wwf champion Belt from the Attitude era A fantastic figure in without question the greatest running line to date at the moment.

Part 2 of my order from Super Power Toys AKA Wrestle Hq is the brand new series 11 Undertaker. Another fantastic figure in this awesome range, taken from his classic match with #kane at Wrestlemania 14.

Complete with 3 face scans, a set of interchangeable chokeslam hands and the robe he wore to the ring for that epic match.

So excited to see what figures will feature in the next series, lots of speculation but only Bliss confirmed so far…

Super Power Toys is expecting a huge restock of these figures in the coming days so stay tuned for that!

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