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When Hulk Hogan debuted on WCW (World Championship Wrestling) on July 7, 1994, it was a major turning point for both Hogan's career and for WCW. At the time, WCW was considered a distant second to the then-WWF (now WWE) in terms of popularity in the wrestling industry. However, when Hogan arrived in WCW, he brought with him a massive following of fans and reinvigorated interest in the company.

Hogan immediately aligned himself with other top stars like Randy Savage, Sting, and Lex Luger to form the dominant wrestling faction, the New World Order (nWo). The nWo storyline quickly became one of the most popular and talked-about angles in wrestling history as they battled with WCW's own faction, the Four Horsemen.

Hogan's debut and involvement in the nWo helped catapult WCW to the top of the wrestling industry, surpassing the WWF in ratings and popularity during the "Monday Night Wars" of the 1990s. His arrival and success in WCW also cemented his legacy as one of wrestling's biggest stars and most iconic figures.


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