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The Judgement Day's Rhea Ripley was evil even from her early days in WWE NXT. She initially made her mark as a rebel figure, refusing to conform to the norms and expectations set by the management and authority figures. She was often seen being confrontational with other wrestlers, referees, and even the crowd. Ripley's villainous character was further solidified when she became the NXT Women's Champion for the first time in 2019 by defeating Shayna Baszler.


As a champion, she became more arrogant, often belittling her opponents and disrespecting the fans. Her demeaning attitude and brutal attacks on her opponents in the ring made her a despised figure among the audience. However, despite being a villain, Rhea Ripley's talent in the ring and her intimidating presence made her a favorite among a section of the fans, especially those who enjoy tough and aggressive wrestling.


In recent years, Ripley has become more of a fan favorite, especially after her memorable performances in WrestleMania 36 and her confrontations with Charlotte Flair. However, her early days as a villain in NXT cemented her legacy as one of the most fearsome and dominant figures in the women's division of WWE.


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