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Get ready to bring the excitement of WWE into your own home with the 3 Faces of Foley Ringside Exclusive Elite 3-Pack! This set features three exclusive figures of the legendary Mick Foley, each representing a different stage of his iconic wrestling career. The first figure showcases Foley as Mankind, complete with his signature mask and outfit. The second figure captures Foley as Cactus Jack, complete with his hardcore wrestling attire. The third figure depicts Foley as Dude Love, complete with his colorful tie-dye outfit. Each figure is authentically detailed and comes with interchangeable parts and accessories, allowing you to recreate all of Foley's most memorable moments in the ring. This limited edition 3-pack is a must-have for any WWE fan and a one-of-a-kind addition to any toy collection.

Mick Foley is known for his multiple personas in the wrestling world. His three most famous characters are Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love. Mankind was a deranged and unpredictable character, featuring a unique mask and a hardcore wrestling style. Cactus Jack was a hardcore legend known for his extreme matches and fearless in-ring style. Dude Love was a fun-loving, hippie-inspired character known for his dancing and charm in the ring. These three figures capture the essence of each of Foley's iconic personas, making them a must-have for any wrestling fan.


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